Our Services


Providing award-winning architectural design services, to ensure a result of top aesthetic and absolute functionality, within the framework of modern concept, innovative standards and future-proof design.


Award-winning building construction services, with comprehensive supervision at every step of the process, including even the stage of contractual consideration and land-for-home utilization.

Interior Design

Thorough case-study, instinct and know-how are the main axes of implementation of an unparalleled design, with visual dominance, functional efficiency and material upgrade of the excellence.

3D Rendering

VWT delivers a spectrum of professional & high quality 3D architectural visualizations, photomontages, rendering and animation services to home builders, retailers, architects and general contractors.


VWT provides you a sophisticated landscape design can significantly increase your property value. If you are a business owner, a pleasing exterior to your storefront or office building can attract customers.

Quantity Survey

VWT provides cost management and quantity surveying (QS) services on a vast range of construction projects, including buildings, civil engineering, industrial, and infrastructure projects.